Kids Digital Cameras Shopping

Kids digital cameras offer an excellent way to expose younger children in the age 3 to 8 or 9 age range to the fun and pleasure of photography.  While you probably wouldn’t consider giving a child an expensive electronic gadget to play with, a digital camera for kids is quite appropriate.  Besides being somewhat less expensive than an adult version, a kids digital camera is built to withstand the physical stresses of normal child play-such as accidental drops and playful tosses.  Some models are even waterproof.  The other key advantages over an adult model are the easy- to-grip sides and large, simple operating buttons.

Key Features to Look For

When comparing models and looking for the best digital camera for kids, use the following checklist to ensure that you get the following popular features:

  • Durability, ability to withstand physical stress and exposure to moisture.
  • Easy- to-hold shape and large, simple buttons.
  • Bright attractive colors and designs.
  • Built-in automatic flash.
  • Large, color LCD screen for reviewing pictures.
  • A binocular viewfinder that allows kids to look through with both eyes, rather than having to squint with just one eye.
  • A USB cable for connecting the camera to a computer-this allows you to upload pictures for storage, editing, larger viewing, and printing.
  • Automatic shut-off feature that prevents batteries from being drained when the child forgets to turn the camera off.

Understanding Specifications

Kids digital cameras do not provide the same picture quality as adult models, but that is to be expected.  1.3 to 2.0 megapixels (mp) provide fairly decent shots, keeping in mind that the quality of a shot is also influenced by other factors such as lighting and steadiness.  With this resolution range, the best prints are the standard 4″X 6″ size.

Memory capacity is another important specification to know about.  Internal memory determines how many pictures can be stored on the camera.  This information should be provided on the package or in the product specs.  Some cameras come with an SD slot for inserting a memory stick.

Computer compatibility is another consideration-so you can connect your child’s camera to your home computer.  This allows you to view pictures on a larger screen; and to store and print photos.   If you don’t have a computer, consider a model that allows pictures to be viewed on a television.

Accessories for Kids Digital Cameras

The key accessory to remember is the power source.  Batteries don’t usually come with the camera and you may want to purchase rechargeable batteries.  Even though some manufacturer manuals don’t recommend rechargeables, kids digital camera reviews report that they work.  Other items you may want to pick up for some models are a memory stick and a camera bag.

Purchase Considerations

The best digital cameras for kids vary in appearance, color and inclusion of optional features such as video-making ability, photo-editing software, and water resistance.  Your choice of these options will depend on your personal preferences and your child’s interests.   If you don’t need to make your purchase a surprise, take your child to a toy store or department store to look at and try out the best choices.