The Cheapest Digital Cameras

You want to have a good camera but you think your budget won’t let you. Worry no more! Here are some tips to have the best cheapest digital camera.

Shop around and look for a six megapixel basic digital. You can also look for a digital with triple optical zoom , autofocus feature and one that has an ISO array of up to 800. Your $100 (or even less) can give you this nice camera that will give you impressive photographs. You can put those unforgettable events on video with the use of this camera. Nikon is one brand that carries this best but cheap camera.

You can try simple digitals that can produce 10 seconds audio clips. The audio clips can affix themselves to the images stored in your camera. Search for a camera that you can use for close up shots. These cameras are also good for taking backdrop images. Most of these cameras are also cheap and very friendly for beginners I photography. You can visit your nearest camera store to find this kind of cameras. But remember that you must insist on buying a cheap 6 megapixel digital for ensured quality. Samsung has this budget digital camera.

Is there an underwater camera for $100 or less? Of course there is! VuPoint is carrying a 5 megapixel camera. The retail price of this camera is very affordable that you would find it a great bargain. Can you imagine shooting movies 50 feet below sea level? This cameras would give you that chance!

Want to have a camcorder and digital camera out of your $100? Then better look for a camera that could double up as a camcorder. With this kind of digital camera, you can have your precious occasion in video for as long as 177 minutes. However, you have to check the models of this kind of camera as some are equipped only with a memory card that is less than 1GB. If you find a camera that has a 1GB memory card, go for it immediately. You can also buy separate memory cards that have bigger capacities. If you want to have a dual digital and camcorder, better look for one that can shoot at a quality of 3.1 megapixel at minimum. VuPoints is one of the recommendable brand in this regard.